Style Sustained: April Gertler

How do we develop and sustain our sense of style over the years, as we move, grow, and evolve? In the first installation of Style Sustained, artist April Gertler reflects on her style and how it connects with her work, which “is preoccupied with the idea of the experience of a communal moment as an access point.”

Irina Muñoz of Pitaya Yoga

Pitaya Yoga: this Berlin-based yoga and movement wear line is created and made with a lot of heart and art. Spanish designer and cofounder Irina Muñoz reveals the inspiration and collaborative process behind Pitaya, which is designed and made for moving through life—consciously and gracefully.

Talita Kalloe of Soulstores

Talita Kalloe encourages and empowers others to pursue a conscious way of life. She does this by transmitting the essence – the soul – of carefully selected concept stores, local independent brands, and makers in the Netherlands on her platform Soulstores and showcasing them in her gift shop in Utrecht.

From Goat to Garment: The Knitwit Stable

Aside from rendering the knitwear production chain transparent with the documentary “From Goat to Garment” and educating design professionals at its studio/farm/research center, The Knitwit Stable creates sustainable and ethical knitwear with its label TREK & TREES. Every item is knit-to-order with the merino wool and mohair from the small herd of goats and sheep raised onsite in Baambrugge.