Emily Besa is a writer, stylist, and creative consultant whose focus is storytelling, through asking the right questions, and through mediums such as wardrobe, textiles, and music.

She is interested in identity, from the personal aspects to the creative ones. She has a background in creative writing and wrote the texts for the photo art book, All The People, which portrays and celebrates unique gender expression and identity.

She worked as a costumer in the TV and film industry in Los Angeles for nearly a decade and still applies principles of production work every day: collaboration brings about the best results, and every detail should serve the bigger picture.

Six Degrees Berlin is a platform about the independent and innovative makers, designers, crafters, and creatives active in Berlin and beyond.

The creative process of making things and making things happen is highlighted here, for the sake of inspiration and connection. Forging something new and sustaining it long-term calls for ingenuity, resilience, courage, and vision. This platform celebrates these qualities.

The name comes from Frigyes Karinthy’s concept of the six degrees of separation: the idea that we are all connected and separated by only six degrees. Five individuals—one of whom we know personally—connect us with everyone and everything in this world. In this spirit, Six Degrees Berlin sets out to connect creatives the world over.