Welcome to Six Degrees Berlin.

This platform highlights the creative process of people working in all kinds of media and fields, to celebrate, inspire, and connect us with one another.

This is an exploration into the artistic biosphere of Berlin and beyond, initiated by one conversation, and seeking to set off a chain reaction of creative connectivity.

I am fascinated with the questions that instigate a body of work, and the questions that inspire deeper investigation and feed creative dialogue. What are these compelling questions, and how is our work a response to the things we wonder about or a solution to the challenges we face?

Here, I’m chatting with some inspired and inspiring people so they can shed some light on their creative process. What are the questions that bring these artists, designers, and makers to the drawing board, the drafting table, the sewing machine, the kitchen counter, the studio, the editing room?

Perhaps these conversations will reflect something in your own practice and serve to enrich your creativity in some way. We are all connected, and in more ways than we often consider. Thank you for joining me at the table.

Happy reading!

Emily Besa